We Looked Through All the Online Earth Day Events So You Don’t Have To

Check out Silica Mag’s curated guide to celebrating the planet online

Hello everyone! It’s Ę̡̜̹͔̭̳͍́̊̐̔͌͘Ȁ̶̺̱͍̣͔̩̔́͐̎̃̊̒͒͢R̛͔̻̤̣̱̱͑͐̃̍́̊̑̏Ṯ̵͔̦͙̞͖͙͔̾̆̔̀̍͋͠͠͞H̶̼̫̯͖̰̘̫̬̍̎̿͌͆̽̚͜͠ D̷̻̪̳̥̣̣̜͉͊̉͐͞͞ͅͅẢ͙̜͙̞͎̹̮̥̤͑̿͆̉̃̿̔͟Y̵̧̰̳͔̱͕̙͓̓̎̒̀̕͢ and unlike other years where we’d likely be telling you to stake out your state’s legislature or go plant some mycorrhizal fungi, we really do hope you spend this one at home.

Rest assured that our flora, fauna, and scientific community seem to be truly enjoying our short-term hiatus from hammering the planet with traffic, noise, and pollution. Bears are thriving in Yosemite. Carbon emissions are declining in China. Impossibly clear blue skies light up social feeds around the world, reminding us of our undeniable role in destroying all beauty and joy in the environment.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And know that our abstinence from the churn of global society might very well be one of the most impactful things we’ve ever done collectively for the planet.

That said, if you’re looking to do some more #DirectAction today than sitting on your couch or watching Planet Earth on Netflix, Silica Mag’s got you covered. After trawling through thousands of earth day events online, we hand-picked a selection that looked the most interesting.

Introducing, Silica Mag’s curated guide to celebrating the planet online:

1. Earth Day Live Event

Billed to be the largest online mass mobilization in history, tune in at some point to earth.org’s 72-hour live stream (even if just to say you were there).

2. “NASA Science Live” Broadcast

One of only three livestreams we’ll be watching, ft. an interactive app that helps scientists map coral reefs around the world! The program airs on NASA TV, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter at 3pm EST.

3. ‘Earth Perspectives’ Livestream

A new participatory artwork by Olafur Eliasson is launching tomorrow at 11am BST that we can 100% bet has something to do with “color and imagination.”

4. Google Earth VR

For those with a spare Oculus laying around, we recommend exploring a bit on this trusted Silica mag favorite. Send us a pic of you virtually exploring an iconic dirt pile or a really cool lake to win a special prize.

5. ‘Catharsis’ Virtual Forest

Silica alum Jakob Kudsk Steensen opens up a portal to a 3D old-growth forest with his ongoing project with the Serpentine galleries. It’s online through May 31st.

6. EarthFest at Home

Have kids? Check out this event being put on by the American Museum of Natural history ft. glacier goo tutorials, data viz interactives and a virtual flight to Venus and Mars. Starts at 11am EST.

7. EPA Window Art

The Trump administration’s recently gutted EPA is celebrating by asking people to decorate their windows to celebrate the planet!(?) Draw something incendiary and hashtag it #EPAat50.

8. Earth Day Petition

Apparently Earth Day still isn’t a national holiday in the United States? Join the Trust for Public Land, the Girl Scouts and a bunch of random outdoors brands to help fix that wrong.

9. Earthx Film Festival

Take your streaming up a notch with an Earthrise screening party, a series of environmental short festivals, and tons of incredible documentaries typically reserved for theaters. Streaming all week.

10. ‘Nature Day’ on Animal Crossing

Not technically earth day related but OH MY GOD, on April 23rd a lovable sloth will be coming to our virtual quarantine islands to inspire all us children about the beauty of nature. See you there.

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