Introducing the Silica Dispatch: A Short-Form News Vertical from Silica Mag

Keep up with the week's most interesting environmental coverage in 250 words or less.

Let's face it: With all the news around political mayhem, apocalyptic policy, and governmental collapse, it can be hard to keep up with what's going on in the environment.

Cue the Silica Dispatch –– a new, short-form vertical by your friends at Silica Mag that will set out to aggregate, annotate, re-work, and remix the week's most interesting environmental coverage in quick updates of 250 words or less.

From juicy environmental controversies to underreported perspectives in the global climate crisis, we'll use this vertical to keep people up to date on the stories we're reading as we dig into our next edition: The Dirt Issue.

The Silica Dispatch will officially launch on December 5, World Soil Day with three articles on the current state of global soil health. From there, we'll cover prescient stories across the environmental spectrum on an ongoing basis –– sourced online, in-person, and from invested Silica Mag readers like you.

To see all of our dispatch articles neatly packaged in one easy-to-read place, subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter. To clue us into a story you think would be great to cover on the Silica Dispatch, send us an email at

See you soon!

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